How Does It Work?

We’re very excited that you’ve joined us at MixPixie and now that you’re here, we can begin!

Creating your CD on MixPixie can be done in three easy steps and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. For a one-off personalised gift that will be with the recipient 48 hours later, we Pixies think that’s pretty cool!

We’re the very first company to make CDs on an on-demand basis. To put simply, you design the artwork, you choose which and how many songs you want and we’ll make a professional copy of the CD, just for you. With over 500 album covers and over 8 million songs to choose from, MixPixie is a great way to show someone special how much you care. You can create a CD for your partner with just your special songs or perhaps an album for a friend’s birthday with their favourite songs. You might have just returned from an amazing holiday, and with MixPixie you can create the soundtrack to any experience, friendship or occasion. The Pixies at MixPixie have got loads of suggestions to get you started and are here to help every step of the way.

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How do I Choose My Songs?
  • You can choose from a minimum of one song and up to 10 songs for your CD. There are over 8 million songs for you to choose from and each song is priced at 99p or above. The prices of the songs are set by the prices that we can buy the song from the record companies. The registered artist, band and songwriters earn money from every song that you pick, so it’s all 100% above board - we Pixies always play by the rules! Screenshot of selecting songs
  • You can find the specific songs you want by searching under the song name, the artist or band name. For each album theme, we have also selected a Top 40 list of songs which we Pixies think would be suitable for the CD packaging artwork that you’ve selected (just in case you need some inspiration to get you started!). Screenshot of top 40 recommended songs.
  • You can listen to 30 second clips of each song listed, to check you’ve got the right one and use the ‘add song’ button to move your chosen song onto your CD. Screenshot of selecting songs
  • The shopping basket in the top-right hand corner of the screen shows you the running-total of your personalised CD. As you add each song, the cost will increase according to the price of that song. Screenshot of shopping basket
  • You can change the order of the songs you’ve selected, by clicking the up and down arrows by the side of the songs you’ve chosen. Screenshot of ordering arrows
  • When you’re happy with your final choice of songs, you can review the whole CD again and see your song listing printed on the back of the CD packaging too. Screenshot of finished product
How Do I Get Started?

First of all, choose your artwork theme by selecting a suitable category down the left-hand side of the homepage

Screenshot of homepage categories

We'll guide you through every step of the way

How Do The Artists and Musicians Get Paid For The Songs I Choose?

We Pixies have been busy putting together lists, so that every song in the MixPixie song bank is registered to a record company, publishing company or directly with an artist or band. Each time you choose a song to be included on your album, The Pixies take a note of this and make sure that the people behind that song (i.e. the artists, bands, songwriters, musicians etc.), get the royalties they are owed. MixPixie fully supports all musicians, music companies and the official governing bodies of the music industry.

I’ve Heard About File Sharing, Is MixPixie Legal?

MixPixie is 100% legal and above board. Agreements are in place with all the record companies and music publishers to make sure that all of the talented people who write or perform the songs get paid every time you include a song on your album.

If I’m Not Happy With My CD, Can I Get A Refund?

At MixPixie, we always try to send your CDs in perfect condition. However, occasionally, problems can arise. In the unlikely event that a product is faulty, or it is damaged in delivery or is the wrong item, we ask you to contact us to let us know of the problem as soon as possible. We will then advise you on whether you are eligible for a refund or replacement.

Reporting a problem

If for any reason you are not happy with your MixPixie order, please contact our Customer Service Team. Call +44 (0)20 8940 2892 or email support@mixpixie.com. You will need to quote your order number, your email address you have registered with and have the address and details on the problem with your order.

We aim to acknowledge any complaint within 24 hours, (48 hours during busy periods) and will do our best to resolve any complaint within 7 days of receipt. We may ask you to take a photograph of the product to help us communicate with our suppliers and correct any future problems. Should it be necessary, we will then advise you how to return your item.

Returning products and issuing refunds

Although we Pixies take great care in making your CDs, it is possible that very occasionally; one or two could be faulty. If you think your CD is faulty, we will ask you to return it to us within SEVEN days of receipt.

Your right to return items to us in accordance with these terms and conditions is in addition to any other statutory rights you may have.

If you are eligible for a refund, we will reimburse the price you have paid for the order onto the credit or debit card that you paid with. Alternatively, we may offer to remake and resend the CD free of charge. Please note it is not our policy to offer both a refund and resend.

All Returns Must Be Sent To:
MixPixie Customer Returns
St Johns Studios,
6-8 Church Road,

Refunds cannot be given if the fault is a result of your own actions such as product misuse or if personalisation is mis-spelt or if you have uploaded an image of a low resolution or size.

Multiple refund requests

If there are persistent claims for refunds from the same individual or group of individuals, we reserve the right not to issue a refund or replace an order. We may refuse to take any future orders from any such customers and will inform them of our decision in writing, via email or over the telephone.

What Happens If I Make A Mistake?

Your MixPixie CD is made just for you. As soon as you realise you have made a mistake, check the status of your order by going to Order Status, which can be found at the top right of the homepage. Orders can only be changed or cancelled if the status is on ‘Order Received’. If the status displays ‘Your Order is Being Made By The Pixies’ or ‘Order Dispatched by Mr Postman’ then it has already been printed or given to Mr Postman, so unfortunately, cannot be amended or cancelled.

Emails are answered during business hours (9.30am - 6.00pm) in the order they are received. It is therefore possible that your order could begin production before your email is processed and we will be unable to make any changes.

Refunds cannot be given if the fault is a result of your own actions such as product misuse or if personalisation is mis-spelt or if you have uploaded an image of a low resolution or size.

Can This Be Delivered Anywhere In The World?

Yes, we can send CDs anywhere in the world for you, just be sure to fill out as much detail as possible in the address fields and don’t forget the postcode or zip code. Addresses given without the postcode are likely to result in a delay at Royal Mail.

For worldwide delivery charges see our Terms & Conditions

How Many Songs Can I Have On My CD?

You can choose up to 10 songs to go on a CD with the minimum number of just one. We Pixies want you to choose just the number of songs that you want, so that you don’t waste your precious money or have songs on the CD that you’re not really bothered about.

How Do I Arrange The Order Of The Songs On My CD?

Once you’ve selected all the songs you want, you can change the order of the songs you’ve selected, by clicking the up and down arrows by the side of the songs you’ve chosen.

Screenshot of ordering arrows
Can I Upload My Own Copies Of These Songs To Go On My CD?

We Pixies think it’s really important that all the creative people who write or perform songs get the payment that they are due every time one of their songs is bought. It is for this reason that we do not allow you to upload versions of popular songs onto MixPixie. If you’re an unsigned band or singer/songwriter and are looking for professional copies of your music to be made, please get in touch and we Pixies will be ready to help.

Contact Us

How Do I Upload My Photo Onto The CD Artwork?

If you choose an artwork template which has the option to upload photos, when personalising your album, you will see a space highlighted with a ‘YOUR PHOTO HERE’ box where your photo will be positioned within the CD packaging. Click on the button and locate the photo that you want to use that’s stored on your computer. Click on the file you want to use and then click UPLOAD. Your photo will then automatically load into the album artwork. Use the corner boxes surrounding the uploaded photo to zoom in or out, and the slider bar at the side of the design template to rotate your image.

Always select photos which are as high quality as possible. Small photos and low file resolution files are likely to be very poor quality prints. Although MixPixie has the highest technology and cutting-edge machines, we Pixies can’t turn poor quality images into award-winning photographs sadly.

How Many Photos Can I Upload Per CD?

With over 500 album artwork templates available on MixPixie, there are loads to choose from! Some templates have the option to upload photos to and others are simply for editing text. As a general rule on the photo upload templates, there is space for up to four photos to fit within the artwork template depending on which template you choose. These are usually positioned in the following places:

front coverOn the front cover

inside right sleeveOn the inside right sleeve

inside left sleaveOn the inside left sleeve

What File Type, Resolution or Size Should My Photos Be?

If you are uploading a photo, images must be in JPEG format. Any other format such as Word documents and PDFs cannot be accepted. For best results, we advise that you make the image dimensions approximately 1,000 pixels for the smallest edge of your photos. We print images at 300DPI (Dots Per Inch), so if you are scanning the image we recommend you use this setting. If you try to upload a photo that has a lower resolution or image size, we will accept it. However, an on-screen warning will appear to let you know that the image might not print very well.

How Quickly Will I Get My Album?

All of our CDs are posted by First Class or Airmail. The postage cost is inclusive of the stamp and packaging.

First Class Postage timings (these are guidelines only and cannot always be followed in the case of large order volumes)

First class postage timings for items ordered from MixPixie
Order Placed (UK) Order Completed by The Pixies Estimated arrival
Before 2pm Monday-Friday Same day The Royal Mail advise that 90% of first class post in the UK will arrive the following day, unfortunately the other 10% can take up to three days.
After 2pm Monday-Thursday Following day
After 2pm Friday Following Monday
Saturday & Sunday Following Monday
Public Holidays Following working day

If possible, please allow three working days from despatch for CDs to arrive. After all, it is better for a present to arrive two days early than one day late! If your order hasn’t arrived after three days, PLEASE let us know. We would rather send a replacement CD than leave you disappointed.

International Postage Timings

International postage timings for items ordered from MixPixie
Destination Recommendation
Europe Allow 5 working days
All destinations outside Europe Allow 7 working days

General despatch information

Please note:

  • The despatch date is the day we Pixies give your orders to Mr Postman, NOT the day it will be delivered.
  • Your order is likely to arrive much faster if you use a postcode. It sounds simple, but many of you humans forget to add it!
  • You can check that you have the correct postcode by using the Royal Mail’s handy postcode finder www.royalmail.com
  • If any of the details you have given us in your delivery address are incorrect, you can’t hold us Pixies responsible if it’s not received!
How Do I Pay For My Album?

At MixPixie, you can pay for your goods using credit or debit cards. Please see the full list of cards accepted below:

Cards Accepted
How Much Will My Album Cost?

There are no fixed costs per CD, this is because each album is made individually with the specific songs that you’ve chosen.

The total cost of your album is calculated on how many songs you want. All songs are charged at 99p each.

As soon as you start to select the songs for your album, you will see the running-total costs in your shopping basket visible on the right-hand side of the screen.

As a general rule, on the basis that the songs selected are charged at 99p each, below is a rough guide to our pricing system:

  • 1 Song: £5.99
  • 2 Songs: £6.98
  • 3 Songs: £7.97
  • 4 Songs: £8.96
  • 5 Songs: £9.95
  • 6 Songs: £10.94
  • 7 Songs: £11.93
  • 8 Songs: £12.92
  • 9 Songs: £13.91
  • 10 Songs: £14.90
  • ie. costs for CDs are £5.00 plus the songs
What Happens To My Photos After My CD Has Been Printed?

When you upload a photo to MixPixie, it is stored on our secure server. As soon as your order has been dispatched, your photo is deleted from the Pixie files.

What Are The Delivery Costs?

Pixies are the best gift-givers, so we know just how important it is that your CD arrives on time. During the order process, MixPixie will notify you of the despatch dates available and the expected time frame for receiving your order. We Pixies will also let you know of any delivery charges prior to the acceptance of your order.

Prices are shown exclusive of postage and Pixieing charges; these will be shown separately at the checkout stage. Prices are as follows:

Our delivery system at MixPixie is really simple. We Pixies work really closely with Mr Postman at Royal Mail to make sure that we get your order to you as soon as possible. The postage and Pixieing costs per CD are as follows:

Postage and Packaging Rates for items ordered from MixPixie
Number of Songs CD Cost Postage & Pixieing Total
1 - 10 £14.99 £2.99 £17.98

Every MixPixie CD is completely unique so we make, package and post each CD individually, this is to make sure that your Granny doesn’t accidentally get ‘My death-metal favourites’ made by the teenage boy next door! If you’ve ordered more than one copy, even as part of the same order, each part will be posted separately.. This saves Grannies everywhere from getting quite a shock!

Is My Delivery Guaranteed To Arrive Before A Certain Date?

Because we send your orders via Mr Postman at Royal Mail, we are unable to provide guaranteed delivery dates. To review your order status at any one time, click on the specific order in ‘Order History’ in ‘My Account’. Here you’ll be able to see when we Pixies have finished making your CD and when it’s been dispatched.

Is There A MixPixie FaceBook Page?

Yes, come and see what we’re up to on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mixpixie#!/pages/MixPixie/266298823381167

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Can I Follow MixPixie on Twitter?

We Pixies love tweeting about what we’re up to all day. Come and follow us at


What is the CD Packaging?

Each CD is made individually at MixPixie. We want the recipient of your CD to be amazed at your brilliant Pixie gifting and unique personalised present. Our packaging has therefore been carefully crafted so that there is a real ‘WOW’ factor, when the recipient opens your gift. The CDs are boxed in 265 gsm boxboard in a packaging format known as a digipack. The thick card is cut, folded and glued from this recyclable material as well as covered in a high-gloss so that it will look as perfect as the day they received it for many years to come.

3D Pack Shot

We don’t use plastic jewel cases which most CDs are made in, as there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a CD in a cracked or scratched plastic case, plus they’re not very good for the environment, about which we Pixies care a lot.

Cracked Plastic Case Vs MixPixie Case
Can I Add Lyrics To My Album?

You can add a personal message to the inside of the CD artwork, but unfortunately you cannot add lyrics of the songs you have chosen, as you might find in artist albums. This is for the simple reason that the songwriters, who wrote the lyrics for all the songs, would require additional payment for this and it’s an extra cost that we Pixies don’t want to charge you for.

Can I Add a Personal Message On The Artwork Of My Album?

On all the artwork templates, there is an area called Message on the outside right where you can type any words of your choice for the recipient of the album. This might be a short story to say why you’ve chosen the songs you have or a simple message to fit the occasion.

Text Editing
Tell Me More About Luna?

Luna is the top dog at MixPixie. We think that she’s the cuddliest, cutest boss around.

Luna is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Maltese Terrier, which translates into a hybrid (mongrel) moniker which is quite unfortunate, and a little bit naughty - ooer missus! You work it out! She was born on Christmas day 2010 and lives with her Pixie Daddy James somewhere in South London. Her favourite food is Burns’ rice and chicken, and her favourite Shakespearean quote is from Julius Ceasar and goes something like, ‘I had rather be a dog, and bay the moon, than such a Roman’.

She’s priceless!