'Our Song' Sound Wave Key Rings Set


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A pair of personalised split sound wave key rings with any song of your choice for couple's favourite songs.

We create an exact physical soundwave model of your song using steel, which we then infuse with plastic in order to help construct these highly detailed shapes, whilst still retaining the look, feel and smell of this material without any sharp edges.

Made at our studios in London, each piece is polished/sanded by hand and as every song produces a different soundwave this helps us to create something unique for every customer that is ideal for music fans, homemakers and creatives.

All orders come packaged in the gift box pictured.

We all connect through music, with many of us having our favourite song, so why not commemorate an anniversary or first dance with this pair of matching sound wave keyrings - one for each of the couple, which when placed next to each other, form the whole sound wave.

There is no need to supply your own music, but you can also send us a personal recording for us to create the soundwave from. Common examples include a local band your boyfriend used to play in or a recording of a new babies heartbeat.

made from:

Our 3D sound waves are constructed using steel infused with PLA and have a matt/amost rough textured feel.

Each sound wave is made individually at our studios in London using our state-of-the-art 3D printers.


The exact sound wave dimensions will vary depending on the song itself, but they are all 5cm in length, 0.5cm deep and approximtaley 2cm wide.

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