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Limited Edition T shirts with any year of your choice containing a Spotify code to stream that's year hits straight from the T shirt itself.

These unique t-shirts come in a range of awesome designs made from Dad's favourite song. Choose your t-shirt colour, design shape and colour from the options below and you can add a personalised message too!

You and your loved ones will be blown away with these Limited Edition T Shirts. Not only are they simply designed, fair trade T shirts, but choose your year and the recipient or anyone with a phone with them, will be able to stream a playlist (ranging from 100 - 500 tracks of hit records from that year), wherever they are. Here's how it works:

Whether your loved one is tech savvy or a technophobe, Our T shirts are a) easy to wear!! and b) easy to play songs from, all they need is a phone with the Spotify app on. No additional costs.

T Shirts are unisex and available in Black or Navy Blue.

Choose your year from 1960 to 2019

Machine washable up to 30 degrees.

Made from:

100% cotton


Sizes available: S, M, L XL (35/37", 38/40", 41/43", 44/46").

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