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About Us

The Birth of MixPixie

In February 2009, 31 year old Buffie du Pon, returned home from work one evening to find a mysterious package which had been posted through her letterbox. With no name or postage marks on the envelope she tentatively opened it to find a CD enclosed. The CD was a homemade album of about 10 songs scrawled in handwriting on the back and a photo crudely cut out and glued to represent the front cover. The writing inside the CD cover simply said "To Sarah, Be My Valentine, love?" Realising that the CD was not for her, Buffie quickly put it back into its envelope and started knocking on her neighbours' doors asking if anyone by the name of Sarah lived there. Sadly this came to no avail and she returned home with the package still in hand.

Later that night, Buffie opened the package again to see if she could find any further clues about the intended recipient or its sender. It was at this point that it struck her what a heartfelt gift this was with the specially chosen songs and the time that had clearly been taken to create the packaging, however basic. It reminded Buffie of her youth, when she made mix-tapes for her friends and remembering that warm-feeling of receiving such a personal gift with songs that were tied to such specific emotional connections and memories. This was a far cry from Buffie's record company job which included releasing high-volume, compilation albums based on a general theme and various licensing regulations.

The following evening, Buffie met up with friends Adam Goodyer and James Perkins and with the mystery homemade CD still on her mind, she took it with her to show them. The three of them talked through the simplicity of the CD and why he may have chosen the specific songs on the album. The CD they held in their hands represented someone’s personal feelings and how emotive such a simple gift was. They discussed that giving downloaded songs doesn't have the same effect, how thoughtful the gift was and yet how disappointing it was that the CD and packaging itself looked so basic. They reminisced about the mix-tapes they all had made as teenagers and what an effective gift music is as an expression of someone’s feelings. They started imagining the possibilities of a website where everyone could create a personalised CD with an album sleeve and any songs of their choice, and where the CD is professionally printed and looks just as good, if not better, than the ones which are available to buy in the shops.

Under 2 years later MixPixie was born. And the homemade CD for Sarah? Well it sits in pride of place in the MixPixie office.