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Limited Edition socks with any song of your choice containing a Spotify code to stream your favourite song instantly.

These unique socks come in an awesome design made from your favourite song. Choose your sock colour from the options below.

Plus they fit right through the letterbox so they are the perfect gift to let someone know you are thinking of them.

You and your loved ones will be blown away with these Limited Edition socks. Not only are they simply designed, fair trade socks, but choose any song which is on Spotify and the recipient or anyone with a phone with them, will be able to stream their favourite song, wherever they are.

Whether your loved one is tech savvy or a technophobe, Our socks are a) comfy to wear!! and b) easy to play songs from, all they need is a phone with the Spotify app on. No additional costs.

Available in red or grey.

Machine washable up to 40 degrees.

For information about how to scan and play the Spotify code, please watch the short Spotify video on how it works:

Made from:

80% cotton

17% Polyamide

3% Elastane


Sizes available:

Option 1: UK Sizes 4 - 7

Option 2: UK Sizes 6 - 11

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