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Dan Jacobs. est. 16 01 1981

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A full size bottle of either Pornstar Martini or Gin Garden with it’s own soundtrack – the perfect pairing!

A unique gift to celebrate something special, whether it’s a picnic, BBQ, birthday, anniversary, hen do or simply a treat night.

You can provide any personal message for the label and we will add the Spotify playlist. Simply sit back and enjoy a delicious cocktail, whilst listening to a specially curated playlist of over 200 summer hits.

In a unique partnership with Liberation Cocktails, we are proud to provide these absolutely delicious premade cocktails. Depending on your thirst, each bottle provides 6-8 cocktail glasses of these well curated cocktails, with no effort required on your part. Simply shake and pour over ice, but mind out, unlike other premade cocktails, Liberation Cocktails are super strong, so you definitely need that ice!

The Liberation Cocktails range has been created by top mixologists with craft distillery spirits from artisan producers, fresh ingredients including British strawberries, Brazilian limes, cane sugar, Rainforest Alliance coffee and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla. They all boast 10% or higher ABV and are 100% free of additives and artificial ingredients.

Pop open a Pornstar Martini. Here your moment is made with overproof craft distillery vodka, lively Brazilian lime juice, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, Ecuadorian passionfruit and sugar cane. Easy, breezy and tantalisingly tropical.No allergens. 10% Vol.

The quintessential pick is a Gin Garden. Here your moment is made with pressed English cucumber infused with fresh elderflower, cloudy apple juice and overproof craft distillery London Dry Gin. Refreshing, ripe and blooming British.

This cocktail has been expertly crafted by top mixologists using only the best quality ingredients and premium spirits. All natural, nothing artificial, no additives.

Your Moment Is Made.

The label has a Spotify code which, when you hold up your phone or tablet to the item, will start streaming a specially curated playlist. No allergens. 10% Vol.

100% free of additives and artificial ingredients.

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.


Alcohol: 10%

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